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Issaora Tibus and Rasa Imboden, battles of the Olympic couple

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022 is in full swing at the end of January when we join Issaore Tibus and Reiss Imboden at a pleasant grocery store in the 11th arrondissement in the late morning. The couple, who live between New York and France, moved to the area some time ago, a stone’s throw from the Atelier des Lumières, and know the address well. Olympic medalists in their discipline, foil, a 30-year-old French woman and a 28-year-old American have begun physical preparation for the upcoming season, but have also spent the last few days attending fashion shows, parties and events. For these two athletes, this secondary activity stems both from a passion for clothing and the exuberant creativity of the industry that fascinates them, as well as a specific need: to strengthen their brand image, attract the attention of potential sponsors and, ultimately, fund them. respective careers. Because even at the highest level, fencing remains an amateur sport. Admittedly, the practice was made possible with the help of the Federation and the National Olympic and Sports Committee of France, but this is not necessarily enough to meet all the needs of people who dedicate their daily lives to sport and strive for high results. .

Born in Guadeloupe, Isaora arrived in metropolitan France as a young woman and trained in Aix-en-Provence and then at INSEP. Immediately after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, she decided to change the scene. “I was in the top five in the world, but I wanted more and felt like I had to get out of my comfort zone,” she explains. The young woman then moved to Los Angeles with her partner, hired a gym coach, coach and changed her daily routine, which included looking for new sources of income. “Now I had to pay for tuition, treatment and travel,” she emphasizes. We tried to be professional and take responsibility.” The couple has been featured in various advertising campaigns highlighting the aesthetics of their sport, the grace of movement and an inspiring lifestyle highlighted by passion, self-discovery and world travel.

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