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Incredible white star-shaped container house, lost in the heart of the desert.

Who said that all sea container houses are built according to the same model? After all, containers are huge metal boxes, available in two sizes and in the shape of a cuboid, that can be stacked on top of each other, and possibly side by side! But when the containers are for an American producer and director James Whitaker, they turn into an amazing structure of nested containers that seem to come out of the LEGO catalog. Designed by Whitaker Studio, this home is truly extraordinary and would almost fall into the category of extraordinary! A collection of meteorites? Brick building? We don’t really know how to define it, but it’s definitely worth a look.

What is this unique home?

The house that is stillat the stage of architectural design, to be built in Los Angeles at the Whitaker couple’s Joshua Tree residence… When we tell you that container homes are on the rise, they’re even attracting stars looking for original homes, and, this time, a little over the top! In this nature reserve, a film producer owns huge plot of 36 hectares. In this rocky desert, he imagined a “star” structure, as if the containers had fallen from the sky!

Star shaped container house outside
Photo courtesy of Studio Hechingen.

Where did this idea come from?

While the producer was chatting with one of his friends, he showed him a photo of an achievement he found on the Internet: offices in London, created by Hechingen Studio. Having visited the English capital, the producer then got acquainted with the designers and finished hire them to build your house holiday in Los Angeles. In this desolate place, the surrounding nature is tinged with orange hues and succulent plants… We also had to find a way to tame the slope and ravine so that rainwater could run off.

Then a London-based studio came up with an exoskeleton made from containers painted in brilliant white that stands out perfectly against the landscape! Tops, ridges, containers laid flat, others on the edge to form a set that seems to come from another galaxy… Moreover, the manufacturer also decided to place it on huge concrete columns, maybe for the effect of the planet? The creator claims thateach container is focused on maximizing landscape visibility or using topography for privacy, depending on their individual use.”. Judging by the result, we believe him at his word, or rather in the photo!

Interior of a star container house
Photo courtesy of Studio Hechingen.

A few clear details?

The star-shaped container house will have with a total area of ​​200 sq. Large living room, kitchen, three bedrooms and…

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