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In Cannes, young directors make a name for themselves

The Cannes Film Festival, its palace, its red carpet and its legendary steps have seen the biggest names in cinema for 75 years..

Since 1946, the climbing steps have followed each other and made us dream through television screens about the future of French and international cinema. For these young actors, screenwriters or directors, international film festivals represent an acknowledgment of authority in the world of cinema.

To pay tribute to these enthusiastic young people and to discover new talents. Since 1988 CINEF annually presents a selection of 15 films created and shot by students of film schools.

Among this selection Lilian PhanarThe 23-year-old French director is present at the Croisette to present the “it all comes back to you” film, in which he re-enacts a deep conversation between a brother and his sister. For him, this choice is a real chance “to find out that I was chosen, it was a very happy moment, I don’t know if this is recognition of my work, but I’m happy to be there to present my film for the first time.” , I feel like I agree with what the directors are doing here.
In addition to the hexagon CINEF enjoyed international success, selection conquered the whole world up to Australia. Ruby Challenger, 32-year-old filmmaker, directed “Mother Lifea musical about the suffering of a mother faced with the birth of her first children. “I wanted to show what we don’t see when n becomes a mother, everything that worries us, but what we forget about.” For a director, choosing her film on CINEF presented extremely”, this is a real recognition that I did not expect, the director that I am and I am very proud to have been chosen, the Cannes Film Festival represents for me a link to film awards, I do not know if I would not leave with a cinephile trophy, but there is already a chance to be there”

Cinema to condemn

Film about Masha Novikov tells the story of a Ukrainian mother who is faced with the death of her son after the Ukrainian revolution, “her attempt to bury him as a hero runs into a corrupt bureaucratic system, testing her vision of life. “Ukraine”. Through his film, the young director wants to denounce, show Ukrainian reality, whether good or bad “The most difficult thing is to criticize the society in which we live, today Ukrainian films are especially patriotic, so I wanted to show what we are doing.” do not see and which exist as corruption.” Per Mashacinema is a “form of communication” and presenting your film at Cannes…

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