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Hügge tiny house with curved roof is simply amazing

More and more new owners are turning to alternative habitats… With a tiny house, a container house or a frame house, they can say goodbye to 25 or 30 year loans, mortgages and hard work… But they also reduce their impact on environment, choosing in most cases ecological houses or self-construction. Hügge is a small mobile home designed by renowned Canadian manufacturer Tiny Healthy Homes. This company is known for building tiny houses from natural, non-toxic, reusable and recyclable materials. Hügge means “well-being” in Danish, and that’s exactly the right term to describe this beautiful home!

Unique design!

We are used to seeing tiny houses with a sloping roof, reminiscent of mountain chalets … But Hügge stands out from the others with its unique design solution: its corrugated roof which adds aesthetic value to this beautiful house… All in curves and colors, it really invites you to discover the interior. The Hügge house combines engineering and decor and is inspired by Fibonacci design principles. principle of mathematical sequence.

Small house with curved roof
Photo courtesy of Ben Garratt.

Hug house!

The charm of this house is given by the color palette chosen by the manufacturer, as well as combination of materials such as windows or blue standing seam metal. The outer skin is barn wood with open seams. Inside the house is comfortable, practical and equipped huge windows that let in light as natural as possible. The rooms are quite spacious because the house is equipped, like many models of this style, to optimize space. It has two bedrooms recreation space, bathroom and large kitchen. There is a large comfortable sofa in the seating area, and the kitchen at the end of the house is equipped with an electric oven, blue pine countertops, a sink, cupboards and a stove… A normal-sized fridge has been placed under the stairs. to save space in the kitchen.

A little excursion upstairs?

So the stairs leading to the two bedrooms start from the kitchen and lead to these two rooms with large windows and plenty of storage space. Serenity prevails here, brought by the white paint of the walls and the curved ceiling of reclaimed oak. Probably this the most beautiful place in this house. The bathroom is always calm with pebbly floors and tiled walls… The bath/shower and toilets complete this piece of water.

Tiny house interior with curved roof
Photo courtesy of Ben Garratt.

This small area…

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