How to fast travel in V Rising

One of the key features of vampires, at least in their original depiction, is their ability to take on the form of a bat to move quickly through the night. AT in the ascent, you can technically change the shape, but it won’t affect your ability to travel much. You have all the usual weaknesses of a mythical creature, such as an aversion to sunlight and a need to suck blood to survive, but most of the time you must stick to the normal modes of transportation. Mounting a horse will certainly speed up your movement, but the map is quite large and sometimes you just want to get from one side to the other quickly.

Fast travel appears in V height in two different ways: Waygates and Cave Passages. Both of them have their own advantages, disadvantages and ways to unlock them. However, as you gain strength, you will need to visit the far reaches of the world much faster and much more frequently, making fast travel invaluable. Here’s How Both Fast Travel Methods Work V height and where to find them.

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How do way gates work

Building a gate in the forest.

The way gate is the most traditional method of fast travel in V height. You will encounter them naturally as structures on the map, indicated by gates with a swirling icon on your map. Once you get close enough to one of them to mark it on the map, you will see its name and it will stay there forever. By interacting with the way gate, you can choose any other one you have already found to instantly transport yourself to that location. Sounds good, right? Well, there are a few catches.

The first one is obvious – in order to use it, you need to find any Gate you want to use and head to it, but there aren’t many of them in every area. There’s almost always one near some attraction you’ll probably want to visit, but you’ll still be digging around a bit. The second drawback is big. You cannot pass through any waygates if your character is wearing anything other than your equipment or consumables. This means you can’t quickly transport crafting resources like wood, fiber, rocks, or anything else you’ve been harvesting. If you are going to collect such resources, the way gate can lead you to the collection point, but you yourself can return to your castle.

One of the benefits of Waygates is that you can create your own. After you defeat the boss named Polora the Fairywalker in Shimmering Meadows, you will receive a blueprint for creating your own Gate and placing it in more convenient places. To build it, you will need:

  • 10 gems
  • 20 copper ingots
  • 20 boards
  • 200 Blood Essence

The gates you build can also only be used by you, so if you’re on a PvP server, don’t worry about an enemy player warping right next to your base if you place them there.

All Waygate rentals

Map of all gates and caves.

There are 10 default way gates that can be found in V height, although you can of course build more. Standards are located in the following locations, marked with swirling icons on the map above:

  • There…

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