How to Boost Indian Tourism 101

We are all familiar with guerrilla marketing, where a person subtly scolds other products or services in order to sell a product or service. A brand of detergent, for example, won’t stop at saying how well they bleach clothes (i.e., those that are originally white). He compares himself to another brand – pixelated or made up because no one likes slander – and emerges victorious. Here’s a thought on Indian tourism for Indians, also known as domestic tourism. Instead of coming up with sloppy slogans like “Deho Apna Desh” that seem like an invitation to look out of a living room window, let the UST of domestic tourism for Hindus be the simple fact that a damn good bhraman doesn’t need a visa.

Of course, the list of countries that allow “visa on arrival” for Indian travelers is getting longer, with Malaysia joining the group from June 1st. in particular, then it should be close to bad roads and questionable air service in Incredible India. Let’s be honest. We have always envied, say, the fact that Americans do not need a visa to travel to Europe (although from next year they will require a document). For Indians traveling in India, we can be “Americans”. And it’s good that everyone is in the same time zone.


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