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House in A: Architect provides DIY plans for less than 1800 €

In the coming months or years, you may be planning to build your own home. But even if you improvise as a do-it-yourself builder, you still have to turn to an architect. The house, whatever its form or structure, is always presented with a ground plan from the very beginning. The services of an architect can sometimes represent several tens of thousands of euros. Startup Everywhere & Co provides plans for less than 1,800 euros to build an A-frame or geodesic home on your own. Once built with plans, this 146 m² house will cost you around 220,000 euros! Presentation.

What is a frame house?

If you follow us, you have a fine example of Elizabeth Faure’s homemade frame house. A frame house is a tiny house that is a little different from the ones we think of. Often very original and environmentally friendly, they are built in the form of a “triangle” with roof slopes down to the ground. They are also called A-Frame or A-frame house, this is a compromise between a children’s cabin and a mountain chalet. Like tiny houses, they are often eco-friendly and minimalist. Owners who choose this type of home usually opt for self-contained or self-contained homes. It is a way of life that is becoming more and more democratic with the need to return to Nature. Frame houses came to us directly from Canada and the USA, where they were beach houses in the 1950s. They may also have come to us from Madeira, where there are many houses in this style in the city of Santana.

Why are these plans available?

As we told you in the preamble, the services of an architect are expensive. However, they are absolutely essential to the implementation of the plan. These are the plans that will be the basis of your future construction. Startup Everywhere & Co decided to build an A-frame house for just 1,800 euros. These plans belong country house of a startup co-founder. He was inspired by the triangular chalet he built as a child with his grandfather. His frame house cost him around 50,000 euros, built entirely by himself. When a young couple informs him of the difficulty of obtaining a land plan at a not-too-high price, he decides to make a kit that will allow amateurs to build their own home.

Frame house interior
Photo: iframe/
Frame house interior
Photo: iframe/

What will the plans for this house look like?

With the plans in place, you can build a 146m² house with two bathrooms, a kitchen open to a large living room and of course an attic mezzanine. Ceiling height of 2.75 meters will allow…

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