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Hospitality: Post-COVID Lifestyle Grape Hospitality

What are customers looking for today? Places to live, in the countryside or in beautiful cities and hybrid housing. » For Frederik Josenhans, CEO of Grape Hospitality, the pandemic and restrictions have acted as catalysts for a fundamental transformation that is already underway. Yesterday’s segmentation is no longer enough. Along with the large standardized hotel chains that emerged in the 1970s and then the lifestyle hotel industry of the 2000s (Mama Shelter, boutique hotels, etc.), there is a need for a different form of accommodation, where there is a very diverse and multifaceted choice between rooms, lodges, suites, dorms, come with friends, family, couple or alone and take advantage of the location, from the teeming city to the tranquility of the countryside. It is this territory that Grape Hospitality intends to explore and develop as quickly as possible.

Reconnect with nature

Established in 2016 from 85 businesses acquired from Accor, the Eurazeo fund-backed group (70% equity, the rest owned by AccorInvest and management) currently operates around 110 hotels and 70 restaurants in eight European countries. To navigate new trends, the company is relying on two of its new brands: Country Homes and The People. The first one (four hotels near Paris) will officially open after a few months of running-in at Domaine de Maffliers, the flagship of the brand and concept, on May 19, 45 minutes from Paris. “For the best location, the residences are located between Relais & Châteaux and Center Park.”, explains Frederik Josenhans. Whether it’s Maffliers, Château de Fontainebleau, Parc du Coudray or Chemins de Sologne, the idea is to reconnect with nature for a weekend or a few days in a family or friendly atmosphere. At Maffliers, where you can choose from a home, suite or room, century-old trees, horses and beehives set the tone, while a star chef delights guests; in Fontainebleau, a stone’s throw from the castle and the forest, you can choose between cooking, yoga or cocktail classes; at Chemins de Sologne you can visit the castles of the Loire with skip-the-line access, visit a flower art workshop, taste local cheeses, ride an electric bike; in the Parc du Coudray, south of Corbeil-Essones, relax in the Deep Nature spa or by the pool, play tennis, petanque…

New style of “youth hostels”

With The People, Grape Hospitality explores other horizons, resolutely urban. The brand is the result of a takeover and merger between The People Hostels and Les Piaules, two concepts originally intended for “tourists” who travel around Europe on camping trips and mostly frequent youth hostels. Both now…

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