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H&M: this ultra-colorful outfit will bring freshness to the summer!

This summer, H&M is introducing some very colorful new clothes for a great fresh look! We give you more details.

looking for stylish and bright image? H&M has what you need! MCE TV gives you more details.

Bright H&M outfit

H&M has one motto: color! Indeed, this season the Swedish brand is betting on colorful patterns.

The clothes of the new collection are available in several colors. What happiness to find there! And before the summer comes, what could be better beautiful closet full of color welcome good weather?

On Instagram, H&M just shared a new outfit that could make you fall in love! In any case, it is already enjoying great success with subscribers of the social network.

For this summer outfit, H&M chose for a neon green top. First, we love its sparkling color. But even more, we love its ultra-modern fit and sheer rhinestone straps! Ideal for summer evenings.

The Swedish brand has chosen for its model high-waisted baggy trousers. An amazing selection and combination of styles that make the look even more vivacious!

Finally, H&M also shared a photo a pair of light green heeled sandals which will also go well with the outfit. To complete this colorful and trendy look, you can opt for a ring in green tones.

This outfit is already crack over 10,000 people on Instagram. All of the latter confirmed the H&M post on the social media. We invite you to read the publication in question below. And, above all, to find reference parts that you like!

Green, the big trend of the moment

This is one of the most popular colors of 2022. Indeed, this year, ready-to-wear brands such as H&M all bets on green!

To be more precise, it’s a shade called “green quetzal” who seems to have the most success this season. So after the mint green that made us break in 2021, it’s the turn of this new color to invade our closets.

But in general, green is the king of this season! Bottle green, emerald green or quetzal… You choose the color that makes you feel the most emotional.

One thing is for sure, you can wear it as you wish and under any circumstances. Know that you can pair your green piece with another in neutral tones. As white, beige or black. These shades are truly your best allies.

If you want to put together a slightly more colorful outfit, You can choose from burgundy, navy blue, or even olive green. which tends to yellow. The most important thing is to let your creativity run wild and feel free to mix colors.

Also know that pink goes very well with green. This summer you can find yourself…

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