Higher gas prices contributed to pre-pandemic travel excess

Rising refueling costs are impacting the cost of jet fuel as airlines work to maintain normal operations.

WINDSOR CASTLE, Connecticut. “Another day, another record high for gas prices, but rising fuel costs are affecting all types of summer travel, including air travel.

That makes plane tickets more expensive as the summer travel season is expected to exceed pre-pandemic levels, according to travelers FOX61 spoke to on Tuesday at Bradley International Airport.

With a shortage of airline workers, travel is giving some travelers a headache.

Lee Perrin’s family vacation got off to a rocky start, and his plans to take his 18-month-old daughter to Disney World are put on hold for nearly a day after their flight was canceled early Tuesday morning.

“Our families are waiting for us, we will not sit down until midnight. I’ve been sitting here at the airport for 16 hours instead of getting to my family in Florida,” Perrin said.

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This is a problem that many airlines are facing: a shortage of staff combined with new travel demand.

“We expect we will return to pre-pandemic levels and possibly exceed pre-pandemic levels before Labor Day,” said Kevin Dillon, executive director of the Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA).

Bradley expects 10,000 passengers to fly out of Windsor Lock each day, and at a time when gas, food and other costs are on the rise, travel is taking a heavy toll on customers’ wallets.

“There’s definitely been a price increase effect. Now, with COVID, people are starting to get nervous and want to travel, not just fly, but make long trips,” said Woodbury’s Paul Hirschauer.

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With the start of the summer tourist season and a record number of people looking for tickets, it is still unclear if and when prices will start to drop.

Rising jet fuel costs are a concern for the industry, but they are working to keep things running smoothly, a spokesman for Frontier Airlines said.

“We should be operating as normal, but this is a growing concern, but we feel we are not the only airline that has to deal with this, it’s just part of doing business,” said Will Evans, senior manager at Frontier Airlines.

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