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Here’s how to earn 74% on your birth list

Aurélie Melchior is responsible for the expertise of the non-profit organization ecoconso, which encourages consumer behavior and choices that respect the environment and health. The association has just launched its new campaign “Générations écoconso”; until the end of the year, it will offer tips and tricks to facilitate eco-consumption for the whole family. And so, to start before the baby comes…

If we follow the birth lists offered by the stores, we will tend to over-equip ourselves. Parents can trust each other and get equipment as needed because every family is unique. This will give them the opportunity to see what is really useful in their daily life, and thus avoid certain purchases, give themselves time to find them in a secondhand store or spread the costs.” explains Aurélie Melchior.

Up to 74% cheaper

    Comparison table summary prepared by ASBLecoconso.
Comparison table summary prepared by ASBLecoconso.

The association took care, as Test Achats does, to analyze and compare birth lists offered by several stores, and took out their calculator. “Environmentally friendly equipment can be 10% cheaper than the first price. The gap widens even more if we compare a list of branded goods: -74% overall and thousands of euros saved.”

The association grouped products into different categories (bedroom and sleep, food, games, clothes, etc.). Unsurprisingly, it is the Mop and Baby Toilet categories that cost the most and are easy to make others cheaper. expensive options. “Buying used items, renting equipment that will only be used occasionally, like a crib, or even ditching some useless or even unwanted products like relaxers, wipes, or bed rails.” Thus, green choices have a real impact on your budget.

Separating the useful from the useless, choosing to rent, buying used goods, manufacturing certain items such as mobile phones allows you to reduce the bill and therefore buy certain new quality products that are eco-labeled and/or made in Europe.” For example, textiles, car seats, mattresses or other necessities, the eco-friendly versions of which are more expensive than the regular ones.

The “Générations Écoconso” campaign targets infants and teenagers. All information at

The full study can be found by clicking here.

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