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He orders a container house from a Chinese store and installs it in his garden.

If you are a fan of the social network TikTok, you may have seen the video of a young Australian, Zachary South which explains how he brought a shipping container from China to build an amazing house. The peculiarity of this container is that it hides a folding house! With 280.4k views on his videos, the young man unwittingly became a TikTok star who had one goal: to build his dream home! And for him, the dream came in the form of land and a classic apartment, which he describes as his grandmother’s apartment! Finally, for $30,000 and three months of waiting, a house was delivered to him. right on your landWell, I took it! Presentation.

Why a container house for this Aussie?

True, when ordering his container in China, the 28-year-old father wanted give a home to his family. But it was also an opportunity for him to show that container houses could in three months be the perfect alternative for the homeless, against overpriced housing, etc. Upon arrival, his container was a simple iron box. a gorgeous house with two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom for about $30,000 (about 26,000 euros)… In his viral video, we can see the delivery, installation and much more, of course, the end result!

Unloading container house
Photo credit: Tik Tok screenshot.

Is the container house the solution to the housing crisis?

Sharing his experience on TikTok, Zachary also opened up a discussion about container houses… More and more future owners are turning to these alternatives to traditional houses. Traditional housing prices are skyrocketing, mortgage rates are gradually rising and housing becomes almost a luxury for those who are not yet the owner. The container house offers a solution that not only costs less than building a traditional house, but also allows for creativity… them, because the demand is high all over the world!

What does the law in France say about container houses?

Before you start building a container house, you should consult with the mayor’s office … These houses are sometimes likened to “huts”, made from unnecessary things and rather poorly perceived by municipalities. But in the texts, the container house must comply with the same rules as the classic house: the type of the mounted file primarily depends surfaces of your future container house :

  • Less than 20 m² area: preliminary declaration…

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