Hawaii Tourism Authority launches multimedia campaign calling for responsible travel

The Hawaii Tourism Authority runs an extensive multimedia campaign to inform travelers visiting the islands.

This initiative is part of the HTA’s efforts to improve tourism management across the state.

The campaign includes educational videos and safety messages to be shown online, on airline flights, at local airports and hotels.

HTA Chief Brand Officer Kalani Kaanaana says the common theme of the messages is Malama Hawaii, which encourages good leadership and responsible behaviour.

He told HPR that the state agency has been working closely with communities to create videos and other material that addresses issues and concerns.

“For example, Oahu and the hotspot that we have identified in Laniakea speaks of respect for marine life beyond legal boundaries. So these are direct questions when we say, “Hey, look from a distance, be respectful,” Kaanaana said. .

“In Maui, we heard from the East Maui communities about the road to Hana, all the traffic and congestion that comes from visitors stopping to take pictures or just park,” he said. “In particular, during the Maui campaign, we asked them to drive respectfully, not to block the road, not to stop in the middle of the road to take a photo, not to park in illegal places, not to trespass.”

Kaanaana says the HTA hopes the campaign will help visitors better understand Hawaii, its people and culture.

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