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Happy Mario Day – Lifestyle game coming soon to Switch!

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Happy Mario Day

As you know, Nintendo loves to surprise players and has been doing it for years! Today, a leak reveals the world premiere of Happy Mario Day on Nintendo Switch.

If you know the company, then you probably remember the orchestral game Wii Music as well as a cardboard game Nintendo Lab or a reality headset called “virtual boyToday it’s a bit more grounded game because you control the character “Mario” again.

TargetHappy Mario Day and congratulate our mustachioed favorite hero. Moreover, he really needs this, because he saved Princess Peach many times. But can you relax Mario? On a happy day Mario? The question remains.

The game is advertised as a “Lifestyle” game, no details! Now other questions arise: Will there be platform phases? Or that Happy Mario Day there will be a game Animal Crossing ? Or, even worse, should we make Mario laugh by telling him jokes? Questions that have not yet been answered!

But the promised information about Happy Mario Day should arrive during the day and we will of course talk about it again on GeekNPlay !

Feel free to tell us what inspires you Happy Mario Day on the GeekNPlay or on social networks facebook as well as Twitter.

Happy MARIO Day

Update: Some saw the April 1st release date and quickly realized it was an April Fool’s joke from GeekNPlay. Sorry if you’ve been waiting Happy Mario Day because this one will never come out! If we had a box with the game, it was because we got it from the account of the famous Game cheater which offers many “Fakes” on Nintendo Switch, but also on other media.

We very much invite you to visit it by clicking here.

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