Gorgeous and gigantic container house with floors consisting of 9 product modules.

We love to make you discover unusual, luxurious, earthy or frame houses around the world… All these houses are far from the traditional we imagine, and they can also give ideas to those who would like to start “independence”. build. Gina and Travis Sheridan’s home is a bit special and is located in the United States. Its peculiarity was that built from nine shipping containers. Remember that in recent years the number of shipping containers has been growing… Thanks to them, you can now let your imagination run wild by stacking or matching them with each other. And you can also become an owner for unbeatable money … Opening this amazing house of 9 containers!

Huge container house…

The Sheridans selected nine shipping containers that were similar in every way and preferred to stack them on top of each other… Which mathematically gives a huge 2-story house, forming between the first and second floors, covered terrace. This terrace was created by simply moving containers from the ground floor to the rear, leaving a huge space on the ground floor. If the design is impressive for its size, then at the level of the exterior, the couple chose to keep the texture and original color of the containers, so they are metallic gray, as if they were used to transport goods.

Building a house from containers
Photo: Living Container / Gina and Travis Sheridan

Inside is completely different!

Located in North St. Louis, this home welcomes visitors on the ground floor to a large, beautifully decorated living room that includes a dining area and an open kitchen. The lounge area is furnished with very colorful furniture, it looks like an artist’s house with bright colors that set the tone for the rest of the visit… Most of the furniture and artwork in this container house was made local artists or artisans. What gives it an excellent seal must be recognized! In the bathroom, you can see a rather minimalist green wall, or rather cute flower pots suspended directly from the metal wall, reminiscent of those outside.

First floor, what’s up?

Thus, on the floor above, the containers were cantilevered above the containers on the ground floor, thus creating a spacious covered terrace in front and a carport in the back… On the ground floor of this amazing house there is a sleeping area, and as a headboard, the owners chose shelves on which placed small PEZ characterswho distribute sweets. Color range from blue to…

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