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Lucknow: The government of Uttar Pradesh is about to roll out a massive plan to promote rural tourism in all 75 districts, and many of them, such as Aurangabad village in Gorakhpur (famous for its terracotta) and Malihabad (famous for its Dushsheri mangoes), can be featured on the global tourist map.
The State Department of Tourism will engage a team of experts and consultants to identify one or two villages in each district near famous tourist spots in that city and create a rich rural tourism portfolio.
“In the coming days, one can hope to explore some of the hidden gems in the state and experience the wealth of local crafts, folk music, cuisine, organic farming, farm living, herbal villages, yoga and meditation centers,” the official said.
“Tourism is driving the global and local economies, creating jobs around the world. UP, despite its strong cultural and religious heritage and diverse natural attractions, currently plays a relatively small role in the global tourism arena. The untapped potential in the villages and the wealth of storytelling in every corner of UP just needs to be effectively positioned,” said Mukesh Meshram, UP Chief Tourism Secretary.
Giving several examples, he said, “The Pavanagar village in Kushinagar is considered Lord Mahavira’s nirvana-bhumi. Another legend says that Lord Buddha ate here for the last time. Similarly, the village of Banda Sarbai on Sankranti hosts an annual festival to commemorate the love story of the warrior Biran who fell in love with the king’s daughter. There is a temple dedicated to this couple in this place.”
He added that UP’s tourism landscape is changing very rapidly with the development of centers such as Ayodhya, Mathura, Kushinagar, Chitrakut. With improved air links, the potential for tourism to enter villages has also increased.
Along with this, the state seeks to use the benefits of rural tourism to create jobs in the villages.
“We will also encourage villagers to start living in homes, for which they will be mentored by industry players such as the Indian Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism Development Institutions to undertake formal training in hospitality,” said he.


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