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Gasoline prices and Covid cases are high as Memorial Day weekend and busy summer travel season approaches in the US. A tangled web of global restrictions is still in place, but most Americans plan to leave this summer. According to the US Travel Association, about six in ten Americans are planning at least one summer trip. Gasoline prices are certainly an important factor. US Travel reports that 63% of American travelers say rising gas prices will influence their decision to travel in the next six months. This certainly applies to Eric Stevens, a single father from Los Angeles who decided he would not go anywhere. . . He spends about $180 a week on gasoline to carry out his daily duties. Usually, he and his children choose a destination within one tank of gas from their home in Encino. I did it in San Francisco, Carpenteria, Santa Barbara. There’s no way I can afford it this weekend,” Stevens said. Stevens wrote to CNN. He told CNN’s Pete Munteanu that he believes he is depriving his younger children of the travel experiences and memories his older children had. , a spokesman for the AAA tourism organization, said Muntean. Of the more than 39 million people AAA expects to travel over the holiday weekend, nearly 35 million will drive. to 88.9% this year is “a small sign that higher gas station prices are affecting how people choose to travel this Memorial Day,” the AAA forecast said. High prices everywhere. And it’s not just gas prices. “They raised my rent. Gasoline prices have skyrocketed. Food prices have skyrocketed. Prices are up from pre-pandemic levels right now, according to STR. The average daily rate for US hotels for the weekend of May 21 was up more than 13% from the same week in 2019, before the pandemic. Miami posted its highest price increase in 2019, with the average daily rate up more than 42%. Paris with his 55 year old best friend and their daughters, a trip they’ve been talking about for decades. “On y va!” she wrote, telling CNN they are going for it despite “numerous adversities.” working off their first vacation from work in 5 years.” They chose a more economical…


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