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Get big savings with soft mobility

It should also be noted that while gas has experienced a meteoric rise of around 150% (since September 2021), electricity has grown by over 50%.

Three Factors to Consider

To calculate the cost of the energy you put into batteries for your trips, you must take into account three factors:

1. Voltage expressed in volts

2. A metric that determines battery life expressed in amperes/hour

3. Electricity cost expressed in kWh.

The first two data are noted in the technical specifications provided when purchasing an electric machine. To find out the cost of electricity, just check your bill. Today the average cost of kWh is 29 cents/kWh.

We are not going to give a math lesson here, but rather go directly to the solution.

For classic electric bike , a full charge consumes 500 Wh. So this corresponds to 0.5 kWh, which are multiplied by 0.29 euros/kWh to get the cost of the fee: 0.145 euros.

For speed bike charging price varies from 0.21 to 0.30 euros depending on the battery.

For scooters we have less than 10 cents per recharge, with 300 Wh batteries and generally 30 km.

Saving 150€

Let’s project ourselves into using your soft mobility devices for 180 days or half a year and we will quickly understand the interest in this type of travel. A classic e-bike costs €26, a speedbike around €50 and a scooter €18. This allows you to save a lot on travel.

The average cost of a car is 500 euros per month, everything is included: purchase, insurance, maintenance and gasoline. The average cost of an e-bike ranges from 15 to 50 euros per month, again between purchase, insurance and fueling. If you obviously can’t pay off your car loan within half a year, the rest of your car-related costs can be very clearly reduced by traveling for six months on a bike.

Let’s take into account that you can save at least 150 euros on the cost of your car, then the costs associated with the bike are absorbed, and you still earn.

To this we add environmental benefits, reduced traffic and health benefits. The idea of ​​taking a bike or scooter with you should not be a limitation, but rather a moment of pleasure, which, with the money saved, allows you to make other small, more pleasant expenses.

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