German tourism to improve with timely lifting of travel restrictions

Germany is due to lift all remaining Covid-related travel restrictions on June 1, 2022, just in time for the peak of the summer tourist season. This suspension will last until the end of August. While the easing of restrictions is good news for Germany’s tourism industry, authorities should exercise some caution. The tourism industry in Germany is likely to receive a welcome boost with the suspension of remaining travel restrictions, making travel in and out of the country much more affordable, especially as the peak tourist season begins.

Germans have become less afraid of a pandemic

According to GlobalData’s Q4 2021 global consumer survey, which focuses on consumer attitudes towards Covid-19, German respondents are becoming less fearful of the pandemic. In Q4, 8% of respondents said they were “not concerned” and another 28% said they were only “slightly concerned”. These results show that the opinion of the German respondents shows a more positive view of the pandemic. As such, German residents and businesses are more likely to be willing to accommodate more incoming tourists. This is partly due to the widespread introduction of the vaccine, as Germany is one of the most vaccinated countries in Europe: 77.5% of the population received the first dose, 77.5% also received the second dose, and 65.6% received the third dose, according to Our World in data”.

Easing restrictions signals a return to pre-pandemic travel

The German National Tourist Office is encouraging US travelers to visit the country this year, demonstrating its sustainability, responsibility and cultural heritage. This could have a positive impact on the German travel industry as targeted marketing is based on the fact that Germany is the fourth most popular European destination for US travelers. Germany is also the tenth most popular European destination for international travelers worldwide, according to GlobalData’s query and flow database. As a result, the move could allow Germany to quickly gain a competitive edge over its European counterparts, especially among US travelers.

Balance is the key to rebuilding Germany’s tourism industry

While the lifting of restrictions is good news for Germany’s tourism industry, government authorities need to exercise some caution and ensure contingency plans are in place. Measures to be suspended include the 3G rule requiring travelers to show proof of vaccination, recovery, or a negative test result upon entry. However, due to the threat of future variants of Covid-19, contingency plans need to be developed. Moving forward, it will be a balancing act for…

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