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George Michael wanted to be remembered as an “honest” man.

The creator of the hit “Careless Whisper” was working on the documentary “George Michael: Freedom Uncut” months before his shock death in December 2016, and in the film he speaks poignantly about his legacy.

According to the Sunday Times Culture magazine, he said: “I want to leave the songs. . . it will mean something to future generations. I want to be remembered as someone who had some kind of honesty.”

Sir Elton John was interviewed for the documentary and recalled that his Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me co-star was outspoken and very talented.

He said: “Dinner with him was always an event because he had a definite opinion on everything. He took what I thought was almost perfect in Don’t Let the Sun and made it better. That’s the biggest compliment I can give.”

George lived next door to supermodel Kate Moss and the couple had a lot of fun together.

She said: “My favorite evening was after the closing ceremony of the Olympics. We went back to his house, danced, laughed and watched his performance. It was a very long night, I was still there when the sun came up.

“I told George I really want to go to the Wham! concert and sat on the phone for eight hours, but all the tickets were sold out. I was heartbroken. His music is still on all my playlists.”

The Freedom hitmaker worked on the film with his best friend David Austin.

David reflected: “George made this movie like he did everything else. He took full control.”

After the death of a friend, David stopped listening to George’s music for a while.

He added: “But a few years ago I was in New York walking down Madison Avenue and it was time to pray for time. This took me by surprise. It really hit me and I listened differently. I thought, “He can really sing.”

“We met when we were a few months old in prams. We started writing songs together when we were about five. One of them was called “Music Maker of the World” and we played “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John. George was the drummer. and I played the guitar and we recorded everything.

“He was such a kind, caring, gentle, generous person. I miss my friend. I miss our friendship, doing ordinary things together, talking three or four times a day. Music was our first love.”

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