Gasoline prices in Philadelphia soar to $5 a gallon as summer travel is around the corner

The first weekend in June was marked by tight prices as gas hit new highs in Philadelphia and the surrounding Delaware Valley.

Gasoline prices in Philadelphia jumped to a record $5.01 a gallon on Saturday, a staggering 7 cents higher than yesterday and 16 cents from last week. Last month, one filling station in Philadelphia cost $5.24 a gallon.

In Pennsylvania, prices are approaching the $5 mark, averaging $4.91 a gallon, up 5 cents from yesterday and 15 cents more than last week.

New Jersey matched Pennsylvania, charging an average of $4.91 per gallon. Saturday’s statewide average was up 7 cents from yesterday and 16 cents from last week.


Delaware has the lowest gas price in the Delaware Valley at $4.78 a gallon, up 7 cents overnight.

The national average gas price is now $4.82 per gallon, the highest average price on record, according to AAA.


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