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Frieze textured hair in the Flower Park – Liberation


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Long-loathed by those who had it, indirect hair has made a comeback in recent years. However, suitable products are still rare on supermarket shelves. To respond to this, many entrepreneurs launched their brand, which they presented over the weekend at the Natural Hair Academy in Paris.

This Sunday, June 5, the Parc des Florals of Paris comes across as an enchanted, playful brace. The Natural Hair Academy (NHA), Europe’s largest salon dedicated to natural textured (i.e. not smooth) hair, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Smartphones crackle in front of the gate. Selfies and stories allow viewers stuck in long lines to pass the time. Appearance is casual, but in demand, sparkling with bright colors. “We have been waiting for this event for two years. Sorry Covid, but we shouldn’t be going back, huh! young woman having fun with her group of friends. Each of them has thick, moisturized hair that shimmers in the sun. Behind her, the tense mother looks frantically up at the cloudy sky. “I hope it doesn’t rain like yesterday.” The entrance ticket fluctuates between 10 and 15 euros.

On the esplanade, the scent of marinated roasted meat wafts from gleaming food trucks, ready to feed the army of starving people who will pounce on them in a few hours. On 6000 square meters covered with noisy shopping area Crowded with people, hundreds of exhibitors (mostly women) offer beauty and hairdressing services. One booth stands out from the others with its size, 80 sq. He sits on the throne with the calm strength of a man who knows he will prevail. His sales assistants representing all hair textures (from 1A, slightly wavy, to 4C, hair…

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