French fries flavor

“Impossible to resist”

Jamie Higham, President and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, assures him, “The smell is so good, you can’t resist!” The idea for a french fry flavor as a promotional vehicle for Idaho potatoes came up in April 2021. “We offered it on Valentine’s Day 2022 in limited quantities, selling a bottle for the price of $1.89 for a serving of french fries. It sold out in a very short time!” says Jeweldine Hull, administrative and social media manager.

A raid of which only a few bottles remain, one of which will be on display during the Open Doors of the Fryte Micromuseum in Forest (Brussels) this weekend. What, after all, is this roasted flavor made of? No frying oil, that’s for sure, but “essential oils and reddish brown distilled potatoes from Idaho are best for making homemade french fries,” Hull explains.

More complex than you think

In August 2013, Home Frit’Home asked Belgian perfumer Olivier Kummer about a possible replica of French fries: “At first glance, the aroma or taste of french fries may seem simple and obvious, but in fact it is a very complex bouquet of aromas.” more than a hundred different chemical components, according to the specialist.

“Frites by Idaho” and other surprises can be discovered this summer at the free open doors of the Micro Fries Museum in Brussels at Home Frit’Home, every first weekend of the month: rue des Alliés 242, 1190 Brussels (between WIELS and Union Stadium in Duden Park ). Information: +32-495-23 01 63, The next meeting is on Saturday, June 4 (from 13:30 to 19:00) and Sunday, June 5 (from 13:30 to 18:00).

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