Flight cancellations continue during peak tourist season

NASHVILLE, Tennessee. (WTVF) — Americans are starting their summer vacation and many are facing flight cancellations.

Recurring issues are emerging – surges in travelers caused by work breaks or holidays, combined with airline staffing shortages, result in a large number of canceled or altered flights.

“We’re still in an infrastructure that can’t handle the load, whether it be airlines, airports, or just staff,” said CBS News senior travel consultant Peter Greenberg. “The airlines used to say it was the weather, then they said it was a lack of staff, then they tried to reduce the number of flights – it didn’t work. Then they tried to reduce the number of routes.”

“Earlier this week, American Airlines actually landed 100 planes and then admitted that they don’t have pilots to fly those planes. ‘ Greenberg said.

Greenberg also said it’s always a good idea to book tickets for the first flight of the day to be in the best position if flights are canceled during the day.


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