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Exceptional Journey: 12 Incredible Experiences You Must Experience at Least Once in a Lifetime!

Do you want an exceptional and unique trip? Forbes offers you 12 incredible experiences to experience at least once in your life.

Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal… all these places have long been on the list of places worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. However, after self-isolation during the pandemic, the desires of travelers have changed. Now they see things even more broadly and want to indulge in an adventure, a trip, or a magical experience.

In addition, for various reasons, visiting a place that receives millions of visitors every year is less attractive than before. Travelers want amazing experiences in breathtaking locations but away from the crowds. The pandemic is not over yet, mass tourism is back and we don’t want to face it. There is something to dream about here!

Exceptional Journey
Geirangerfjord, Norway. | Source: Getty Images

Travel to the end of the world to a fishing village in Norway.

In early 2022 premium travel company blue-parallel, South America’s leading luxury travel expert, has expanded its horizons. The new polar routes offered by Blue Parallel will allow you to discover the vast expanses above or below 66e parallel. A stay in Norway includes a full immersion in Viking history, private excursions on a semi-rigid boat to Bird Island rundehiking or cycling Geirangerfjord and stay in a fisherman’s hut in a magnificent archipelago Lofoten Islandsabove the polar circle.

Exceptional Journey
Sumba Island, Indonesia. | Source: Getty Images

Enjoy the spaciousness of NIHI Sumba Hotel and the beauty of Sumba Island.

Regularly and deservedly recognized as the best hotel in the world, NIHI Sumba occupies 500 hectares on a sparsely populated island, where local animistic traditions have remained virtually intact. “Located an hour east of Bali and Java, the most populous island on the planet, Sumba Island is completely different from its two neighbors,” explains James McBride, partner and CEO of the hotel. Although this place was originally intended for surfers, over time the hotel has managed to create unforgettable experiences for its customers: a herd of 24 horses for a walk by the sea, a “safari spa” where you can relax for two during the whole day in a wellness center, waterfalls, palm trees , locally grown and wood-fired organic ingredients, and huge spaces. For James McBride, this trip is “the ultimate dream. »

Exceptional Journey
Silfra Fault, Iceland. | Source: Getty Images

Take a private helicopter tour of Iceland

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