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Everyday life. Borrower insurance, taxes… What will change from June 1

June reserves its fair share of new laws or measures coming into force, while keeping in mind a few deadlines that should not be missed.

Home Loan: Simplified Access and Borrower Insurance Reform

Good news if you’re considering taking out a home loan: Lemoine’s law is partially effective Wednesday as it starts to apply to new contracts. It provides, in particular, the possibility of terminating the borrower’s insurance at any time in order to take advantage of a cheaper competing offer and/or better guarantees.

For contracts already in place, borrowers will have to wait until September 1 to take advantage of the measure.

First of all, the Lemoine law will put an end to the medical questionnaire for loans up to 200,000 euros and make it easier to access mortgages for people who have suffered from cancer or hepatitis C. They will now be able to get a loan on the same terms as all other borrowers within five years after refund.

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PER and life insurance: more transparency for comparison

Do you waver between a retirement savings plan (PER) and life insurance? More good news: From June 1, each manufacturer must provide a table showing the cost of identical categories, so that subscribers can compare different offers.

Here too, the entry into force of the measure is gradual, as it will still be necessary to wait until 1 July to obtain the total costs incurred per unit of account or asset.

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Several deadlines ahead

They had a few more days than their neighbors, but they wouldn’t be able to delay the deadline much longer. Residents of departments 55 (Meuse) to 976 (Reunion) must check, possibly complete and certify their 2021 tax return before June 8. For non-residents and residents of other departments, as well as the French who opted for a paper declaration, it is already too late. If you miss, it is better to correct the shot as quickly as possible, otherwise you incur penalties of 10, 20 and even 40%.

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in 12 June, Frenchmen who have the right to vote are called to the polls to be elected in the first round of legislative elections. The second round will take place next week. June 19.

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