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Endangered elementary school, kids’ new favorite, who cares if model casting is real or fake? 10 items for the family

That’s it, I did it. That morning I heard myself saying to my second, who did not want to dress: Well, you’ll go to school naked. You decide. But I’m leaving in four minutes “.

Having said that, I realized my mistake. I was so afraid that this would make him laugh, and he would answer me: ” Okay, I prefer to go naked. Let’s go to? “Because to remain trustworthy, when you brandish a threat card, you have to use it afterwards.

So for a moment I saw myself, annoyed, walking to school with Number 2 next to me, wearing only his socks and shoes. I pictured him with a big smile, shaking his buttocks, proud as a peacock. Because at 4, what do we care about nudity.

I also wondered what I would see in the eyes of other parents. Fun? Scandal? Support? Luckily, Mini Me asked me with her sweet voice: Could you help me get dressed? “. Ugh! Nightmare End: ” Of course dear “.

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The new playground favorite that’s bothering

Huggy Waggie is the playground’s new favorite. If plush is in fashion, it causes some horror in children. Decoding with a psychologist who is closely monitoring the phenomenon.

Disappearing elementary school: 3 questions about the common core

The reform of the common core will be extended from the beginning of the next academic year. And then it will continue year after year and will apply to all students of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation from the third kindergarten to the third secondary school by 2028-2029.

Dutch lessons: should we leave the school bilingual?

In the Wallonia-Brussels federation, the situation is unforgiving: few young people master Dutch after finishing high school. Is the Walloon School to blame for this?” We interviewed a specialist in language teaching.

On practice

Here’s how to earn 74% on your birth list

Making smarter choices and equipping yourself in an eco-friendly way is up to 74% cheaper than buying branded items from a birthday list.

Get big savings with soft mobility

Despite rising electricity prices, soft mobility remains highly profitable. If the “muscle” bike remains the cheapest, then the VAE and the scooter lag behind in terms of environmental friendliness and budget.

Travel: which countries maintain Covid-related restrictions this summer

Belgian tourists no longer need a vaccination pass or mask in most European countries, but coronavirus measures remain effective for some destinations.



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