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Emma Raducanou and Dua Lipa team up for a new evian ad campaign.

The 19-year-old tennis player was thrilled to be coaching the New Rules hitmaker in her favorite sport, giving her grip, technique and shooting tips on a bright pink tennis court.

After class ends in a new campaign video, Emma and Dua take a break on the court to drink some Evian water while sitting on Evian’s white chairs before getting ready for more rallies.

The pair then exchange skills with huge mirrored speakers adorning the set as the 26-year-old teaches Emma some dance moves to her track “Physical”.

And Dua admitted that the creation of the video gave her even more respect for the athlete.

She said: “I am so excited to partner with evian again for the next campaign with the incomparable Emma Radukanu. The fact that I personally learned how Emma trains for the summer tennis season only added to my huge respect for her and her skills.

“I also had to turn the tables and bring her into my world to teach her some parts of my performance program! I think both experiences have allowed us to challenge ourselves in new ways, while at the same time finding common ground on the importance of being true to ourselves and sharing our passions.”

Emma had “a lot of fun” making the video, but has no plans to follow in her pop star friend’s footsteps.

She said: “Dua is one of the best people I would like to campaign with and I just feel so lucky that evian made this possible! It was my first big Evian campaign and we all had a lot of fun on set. Dua was a brilliant coach, she was patient with me when I tried to dance her – I think I will still stay on the court!

The water company was delighted to bring two stars together for their new campaign, which celebrates authenticity and honesty.

David Borovets, global brand director at evian, says: “The combination of these two icons has been a real highlight for the brand; both Dua and Emma perfectly represent the values ​​of evian, as both stars are passionate about being authentic. themselves.

“We have a rich history of supporting tennis championships and athletes, so this really is the perfect time to celebrate our two incredible ambassadors in a fun and energetic campaign. As a brand, we are initiating this cultural shift to be the most honest and true version of ourselves, which is beautifully reflected in our pure water.

“It has been so wonderful to see Dua and Emma’s friendship blossom through their shared passions and we can’t wait to see what the couple can do next!”


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