Emagine Entertainment Launches June Film Festival

Emagine Entertainment offers $5 films with black actors at its stores in Egan and Plymouth.

EGAN, Minnesota. June 19th is only a couple of weeks away, and cinemas aren’t waiting until then to celebrate.

As of Friday, Emagine Entertainment is showing films featuring black actors, directors, and other directors at Emagine Eagan and Emagine Willow Creek for $5 per ticket. The festival will run until the end of June.

June 10 marks not only the end of slavery in the US, but also a celebration of black culture and achievement.

“I think it’s great,” moviegoer Sumaya Abdullahi said after leaving the Egan cinema on Friday. “It would be great to get some kind of marketing material to let people know they are playing it, but that’s good. It’s amazing that people celebrate June 10 because it wasn’t actually an event that was celebrated by the masses. That’s the way it should be. “

Emagine COO Mike Wedel says the company is committed to diversity and inclusion. In fact, Emagine plans to donate all proceeds from this film festival to the United Negro College Fund.

“We didn’t want it to be just putting Juneteenth on the website as a gimmick,” Wedel said. “Emagine has pledged to donate a minimum of $10,000 no matter how much comes in.”

An Emagine spokesperson said that Emagine held a similar June film festival in Michigan, but said it was the first time it had happened in Minnesota.

In Egan and Plymouth, they begin with screenings of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Do the Right Thing, as two different films are shown each week of the month-long festival. For the full schedule, click here.

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