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Elsa Pataky “can’t live without” mascara.

The Interceptor actress feels “sleepy” if she doesn’t wear eyelash makeup every day, and another important element of her beauty is blush, which she can use as lip gloss.

She said, “I can’t live without mascara. I just feel sleepy when I don’t put it on. I have a creamy cheek color that I only use on my cheeks and lips. I always want to have in the morning and in my purse.

The 45-year-old beauty, who has daughter India, 10, and twins Tristan and Sasha, 8, with husband Chris Hemsworth, believes a “simple” routine is the key to her good skin, even though her kids are getting older now. she had more time to try different treatments and rituals.

She told Australian magazine Marie Claire: “I’ve always tried to keep my skin very simple. I haven’t done much with my skin. It’s true when you’re young you try all kinds of things. You put on all kinds of masks [and other products on] but over time you know it works for you. You begin to get to know your skin and what is good for it. My basics are to always cleanse my skin every night, even if I get home late.

“Then I moisturize always, always before bed and every morning. This has been my guiding principle all my life.

“When you’re a mom with kids, you just don’t have time anymore, so it’s really hard. Now that the kids are a little older, I feel like I have more time for myself. [things like skincare] rituals. You have to think, “Oh, this is my time. I just use it. I will enjoy this moment.” I think all moms deserve some time for themselves.”

But Elsa “doesn’t have time” for her hair, and with Australia’s climate, she insists it doesn’t make sense to try to style it every day anyway.

She said, “I don’t have time for my hair. My hair is pretty straight so I don’t have to do anything and there’s nothing you can do. [anyway] with moisture, so it’s best to leave it natural.”


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