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Drew Barrymore is ‘relieved’ after six Daytime Emmy nominations.

The 47-year-old actress says the awards, including Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host and Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host, made her ‘relieved’ because it means she can continue to host her talk show. The Drew Barrymore Show.

Appearing on Tuesday (5/24/22) on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Drew told host Seth Meyers, “I feel like relief is a huge definition of joy right now. For example, I’m so glad it’s working that we’re staying.”

The ‘Never Been Kissed’ star admitted she’s ‘too attached’ to her new role.

Drew said, “I’m too attached to this. All my value and happiness in this show… I’m too invested in it. And, you know, season after season you don’t know, and you just kind of go to that finish line… like, you see the abyss and get more and more depressed at the thought that she will not return. “.

At the series’ sophomore run, Drew, who has a nine-year-old daughter, Olivia, and an eight-year-old daughter, Frankie, spoke with her ex, Will Kopelman, about the importance of creating “playfulness” on the show.

She said, “I come from the age of television where there was a lot of playfulness. There have been so many talk show hosts who have carried that torch all the time. really great opportunity for us to continue like this… I also think it’s time we can get back to that sweetness that was on TV. There was a softness and hope that I think we need to bring back.”

The ‘Ever After’ star also called for ‘finding a balance’ between showing off big stars like Jennifer Aniston and ‘people you’ve never heard of’.

Drew said: “The essence of a show like this for me is to find the balance of the art of talking to people you know and love, meeting people you’ve never heard of and now can’t get out of your head and who are inspired by food, design and news. … but also how we involve and make a little variety?”


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