Doing sports with a dog: how to practice walking with a dog?

In the canimarch, the dog and its handler are bound with an elastic rope.
In the canimarch, the dog and its handler are bound with an elastic rope. (©FSLC)

It’s much more than just a walk! Canimarche – or canirando when the distance traveled is more than 10 km – includes pulling away from the dog which is connected to its owner by a harness.

So it’s a sport walk: “The dog doesn’t necessarily stop to sniff left or right, the goal of the game is to walk at a steady pace,” notes Christine Paulin, president of the commission. Federation (FSLP).

What are its benefits?

Of course, walking your dog allows you to keep fit while walking your dog. If you train in a club, this is also good way to chat. “Dogs should meet with other relatives, they are always happy to meet again. When we show them the equipment, they are all excited because they know they will have a great time. »

Playing sports with your four-legged friend also allows you to form a very strong bond with him. real moment of complicity where “the couple is united in effort. It’s always nice to go on an adventure with your dog through the countryside and forest paths. »

Canimarke is available for all dogs?

Unlike canicross, which requires running, vacation walking does not require much effort. Therefore, it is intended for all dogs. not younger than 15 months because the latter had to grow back, especially if they are asked to be towed.

In addition, some dogs are more suitable for walking. This applies to boxers or bulldogs, who often have breathing or heart problems: therefore they are not suitable for running, but they walk very well.

As for small dogs, they can participate in this activity, but do not have to be towed. Clubs used to adapt to the needs of the dog and the owner “We always take into account the limitations of everyone,” Christine Paulin assures. “I have a dwarf spitz in my team who can walk his five kilometers without any problems. And we even have a Chihuahua! »

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Caniwalking can be practiced at any age. It all depends on the physique and health of the dog, and of course on his desire. People come for the pleasure of their animal, not for a performance.

Christine PaulinPresident of the Kanimarsh Commission at the FSLC

What equipment to choose?

A pull harness for a dog, a harness for a handler, and an elastic line that connects them are equipment for caniwalkers.


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