Department of Tourism Launches West Virginia Falls Trail Initiative

CHARLESTON, W. W. A. — West Virginia tourism officials launched the state’s first waterfall trail Thursday, educating tourists about West Virginia’s various waterfalls.

The West Virginia Department of Tourism has placed 29 waterfalls on its West Virginia Falls Trail in hopes of attracting people to explore the state’s natural wonders. The route includes both famous waterfalls and hidden gems.

“We invite all hikers to add the West Virginia Falls trail to their must-visit list this summer and beyond,” Tourism Secretary Chelsea Ruby said in a statement. “Whether you reunite with your favorite waterfalls or find hidden gems, we want to reward your exploration with exclusive prizes that will make you want to visit Almost Paradise again.”

People will have the opportunity to win prizes by exploring the various waterfalls. To enroll in the program, individuals must visit and download a virtual passport.

Prizes range from an individual sticker for visiting three or more waterfalls, to a T-shirt for exploring at least 20 waterfalls.

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