Cyprus expects to receive over 2 million tourists this year

Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios said that the country expects to receive more than two million tourists this year, and the summer season will be the highlight for the tourism industry in 2022.

As in previous years, the United Kingdom will remain the main source of tourism, accounting for 39.2% of all arrivals, according to

The other countries to follow will be Russia (19.7%) and Greece (5.2%), with Germans and Swedes expected to make up 4.2 and 4.1% of all arrivals this year. In addition, 3.7% of tourists this year are expected to come from Israel.

Nearly 14 percent of Cyprus’ GDP comes from tourism, making the country highly dependent on the industry. In particular, the Cypriot economy has been hit hard by the war in Ukraine, as fewer Russian tourists are expected to visit Russians.

Statista data shows that European countries are expected to take in three million fewer Russians in the coming months, based on the number of seats booked on inbound flights between February and August 2022.

In other words, Germany is expected to lose around 552,910 Russian visitors, followed by Greece (303,843), Italy (229,003), Hungary (203,086) and France (179,380).

However, the influx of British tourists is expected to help Cyprus tourism recover quickly from the pandemic.

As the data shows, the total number of tourists arriving in Cyprus in March this year reached 128,840, compared to 8,811 registered in the same period last year and 55,342 registered in March 2020.

What’s more, the Mediterranean nation has eased entry rules for Britons, allowing them to enter without having to provide a COVID019 flight pass or passenger location.

According to a previous article, the Cypriot authorities expect only 20% of the annual tourism market to be reached this year, assuming the country emerges from a two-year pandemic.

“According to our estimates, this year we expected to receive one million tourists from Ukraine and Russia, which is about 20-25 percent of the tourism market in Cyprus. The key point is the duration of this crisis. If this is over in a month, we’ll come out unscathed. If this goes on any longer, no economy can come out clean.” This was stated by Minister Konstantinos Petrides.

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