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Cyndi Lauper’s mother has passed away.

The 68-year-old singer announced the passing of Katherine Lauper via a social media post, thanking her mother for her impact on her life and career.

Along with some old photos of her mom, Cindy tweeted, “My beautiful mom passed away. She rocked and wrestled with us and starred in many of my videos. It was an honor for me to work with her. I am so lucky that I have had to play with my mother throughout my life, both as a girl and as a woman.

“She may have left this world, but not without a trace. Thank you mom. I love you. [heart emoji] (sic in original)”

Cindy previously revealed that her mother was diagnosed with dementia.

However, in an interview in 2016, the singer explained that she was able to see at least one plus in the situation.

The chart star, who has sold over 50 million records in her career, said: “My mother has a bit of dementia. She lives in the present.

“The good thing is that I can talk to her and tell her things that I really shouldn’t tell anyone, and she will give me these wonderful words of wisdom that a mother says. But then, ten minutes later, she’ll forget.”

Katherine appeared in Cindy’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” music video, and the singer previously explained how she felt about the video.

She said: “[For ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’] everyone worked on different keys, on different ideas – they trumpeted this idea to all girls and all women. It was a video idea for him too. I wanted all the girls in this video; my mom was in this video. I wanted everyone to say, “Wow! I want to hang out with them!”


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