City hires newcomer and tourism manager | Local news

Micah McBay has been hired as the new event venue and tourism manager for Greenville, city manager Summer Spurlock announced this week.

The appointment follows the resignation earlier this year of former manager Kevin Banks.

McBay is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee but grew up primarily in Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas. His career has spanned several industries including operations management, public education, Christian ministry, and as a restaurant owner and manager.

According to a press release from the city of Greenville, his love for the arts has been constant throughout his career.

Most recently, McBay served as Director of Contemporary Worship at the First United Methodist Church in Plano. He helped develop the visual storytelling for the church and led the worship team every week.

His organizational management philosophy focuses on people and their importance to healthy processes and growth. McBay strongly believes that when people are treated with kindness and respect, they will become strong team players who will help the organization grow, according to a press release.

The press release states that McBay’s work in operations and arts management, as well as his entrepreneurial attitude and spirit, prompted him to apply for the position of event and tourism manager for Greenville. He hopes to bring his philosophy to Greenville and that this approach will help him build relationships in the community to help him promote the city of Greenville.

McBay holds degrees in music, history, and education. Most recently, he attended Texas A&M University of Commerce where he received a master’s degree in theater arts.

“We are delighted to welcome McBay to his new role in the City of Greenville and are confident that he will continue the city’s tradition of excellence,” the press release said. McBay will join City staff starting Wednesday, June 1st.


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