Catherine Zeta-Jones is ‘inexplicably proud’ when her Dylan graduates | Entertainment

Catherine Zeta-Jones felt “inexplicable pride” after her son Dylan Douglas graduated from Brown University.

The Hollywood actress is celebrating after her 21-year-old son received his political science degree from a prestigious Rhode Island institution, and she shared a photo of him in his traditional cap and dress as she gave him a big hug.

She shared the snap on Instagram and wrote: “Congratulations to my boy on graduation my pride my joy Dylan. I am inexplicably proud of you and love you without words.

His cousin Kelsey Douglas added in a comment: “LET’S GO!!! So proud to love you.”

Dylan’s father is veteran actor Michael Douglas, and the couple also have a daughter, Carys, 19.

Before the graduation ceremony, the family treated him to a special dinner, at which his uncle Lyndon unexpectedly appeared.

Catherine’s younger brother flew in from Wales to see his nephew graduate and left Dylan speechless when he showed up that evening.

The actress wrote online, “Surprise! Surprise! Dinner before graduation when my son Dylan sees his uncle who came from Wales to celebrate this amazing event. It was hard to keep it a secret, but it was priceless.”

Dylan’s sister, Carys, graduated from high school last year and is also expected to attend Brown University.

Katherine and Michael shared photos from her graduation ceremony, with Michael writing, “Congratulations to Carys and the whole class for 2021! Your mom and I are so proud of you!”

Katherine added: “What a proud day when our daughter Carys graduates her IB with honors! You are awesome, we love you.”


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