Cannabis tourism in Northern Michigan? Dunegrass Weed vendor invites visitors this summer, who’s in?

Dunegrass Co.a family-owned marijuana seller in Michigan is launching a campaign to promote cannabis tourism for residents and visitors to the state’s upstate, told Thursday.

dunegrass CEO, Nick Piemonte the press release said the company plans to build several more stores in the region, adding to the six more stores they already have in the area.

“We are actively involved in the communities we serve, so developing our brand to promote canna tourism is a natural fit for us,” said Piemonte.

“Tourism is widely recognized as a longtime economic driver for northern Michigan. Cannabis is currently a growing industry along with tourism in the region. are in between.”

The new Dunegrass website is primarily dedicated to providing a hyper-local guide to “Up-North” activities, from hiking and biking to winter and water sports near Dunegrass cannabis outlets.

Tourism: Michigan’s Billion Dollar Industry

“Tourism in Michigan is a $26 billion industry, and studies show that up to 75 percent of travelers aged 30 to 65 show some interest in cannabis during their vacation,” the agency recently reported. Western Michigan Travel Association (VMTA).
“We want to be the main dispensary for visitors coming to the region. As an outfitter, we hope to build relationships with visitors and provide them with more than just great cannabis products. We hope our new website will help them find hotspots and local events that will enhance their experience in the north,” Piemonte said, adding that he and his company maintain a relationship with WMTA and Cannabis Trial in West Michigan, both of which took steps to normalize cannabis tourism in the region. Photo by Jason Brower on Unsplash

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