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TORONTO (AP) — Jacob Hoggard, frontman of Canadian band Hedley, was convicted Sunday of sexual assault inflicting bodily harm on an Ottawa woman but acquitted of the same charge against a teenage fan.

Hoggard, 37, was also found not guilty of sexual interference on charges of sexually touching someone under 16 in an incident involving the same teen fan when she was 15.

The singer hugged his wife in the courtroom after the jury’s verdict was announced.

Prosecutors alleged that Hoggard groped the teenager after Headley’s show in Toronto in April 2016 and then raped her in a hotel room in the Toronto area later that year when she turned 16. They claimed he raped an Ottawa woman in a Toronto hotel in November 2016.

Both applicants testified that they were covered in blood and bruised. Each of them said that, among other things, Hoggard hit them, spat in their mouths and called them derogatory names, and that at some point he restricted their breathing.

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During the roughly month-long trial, Hoggard verified that his memories of contact were fuzzy, but he said that he had “passionate” consensual sex with the applicants and that he did not sexually touch the teenager until she was 16 years old. .

“I knew when she turned 16,” Hoggard checked, adding that he tried to “be responsible and not break the law.” ”

He denied having strangled or restricted the applicants’ breath, but said that some of the other things they described were among his sexual preferences and therefore could have happened.

The jurors began deliberations on Tuesday and twice indicated they were deadlocked on “some” points. Each time the jurors were asked to keep trying. They then reproduced most of the evidence given by the two applicants and Hoggard and also asked several questions on legal issues, including the definition of consent.

Hoggard’s band Hedley rose to fame after he placed third on the Canadian Idol reality show in 2004.

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