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can they replace fresh fruit?

“Eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day” is a well-known recommendation, especially on television during commercials. However, few people actually use it. The French consume only half the recommended amount. Only 36% of French adults and 14% of children consume five servings of 80 grams per day. This is certainly more than in 2016, when this figure reached only 6% among children.

Overpriced and limited in preservation, fresh fruit can be a drag on those on a tight budget or those who aren’t in the habit of eating it. However, there are alternatives with a much longer shelf life: canned, frozen or stewed, so-called processed fruits can make up for these insufficient daily doses.

Compotes: not only for children

Compotes, indispensable for parents, occupy an important place in the diet of babies. And when they grow up, compotes in gourds will definitely be in picnic baskets during school or holiday walks.

Thus, children who consume compotes are three times more likely to reach the target level of five fruits and vegetables per day than those who do not consume them. A jar of compote or pumpkin effectively matches one of these servings of fruit. Why deprive yourself of this in adulthood?

In addition to traditional apple-banana and apple-strawberry compotes, compote makers have been offering more original recipes for adults for several years: chestnut, lychee, exotic fruits… Compote is no longer limited to apples, even if this fruit remains the main ingredient in most recipes and allows you to vary tastes .

Your favorite fruits all year round

On the contrary, do you have a very selective taste and swear by one or two fruits in particular, even if that means ignoring them when out of season? Why not switch to canned or frozen fruit?

The pear, very fragile when fresh, is the queen of jam. Baking, of course, is not in vain: the French, busy with homemade products in captivity, have rediscovered canned fruit. Factory sales jumped 64%.

As for red fruits, it is in the frozen section that you will find the largest selection throughout the year. Raspberries, strawberries, currants, black currants… depending on the vagaries of the weather, these fruits are a big hit in this format. However, they are not monopoly as there are also pineapples, mangoes, chestnuts, frozen apricots, as well as nectarines cut in half and pitted, or pieces of rhubarb for more practicality.

Fruits in syrup, compotes…

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