Cadillac Visitors Bureau Asks for Six Tri-Way Travel Booths around City | News

CADILLAC – The city of Cadillac may soon become a little easier for visitors to navigate and explore.

On Monday, the Cadillac City Council will consider a request by Cathie Morin, director of the Cadillac Visitors Bureau, to install six tourist information kiosks in the city.

The signs will be built to accommodate three information panels and will contain QR codes that can be scanned with a smartphone to access more information online.

Key stall locations: White Pine Trailhead, NW corner of Cadillac Commons market in rock-filled landscaped area, Chestnut Street boat dock to replace the old stall, Kenwood Park on the beach side to replace the old stall. , near Mitchell and Mason Streets, at the Old City Hall Visitor’s Office and at the Rotary Performing Arts Pavilion.

Regarding the location of the White Pine Trail, Morin worked with Connie Boyes of Preyn and Neuhof and the exact location was included in the site’s overall site plan, which is now under development.

According to information provided to the council by staff, the city was about to make several similar signs.

But they were “glad to switch to the visitor’s desk concept as it served the same purpose and was more complete in terms of information contained.”

If a location on Mitchell and Mason Streets falls within the Michigan Department of Transportation right of way, MDOT approval will also be required prior to installing this kiosk.

The final locations for the signs will be approved by the joint efforts of the Public Works and Community Development Departments and the City Manager.

Also on Monday, council members will discuss a request from the Nordic Joint Invasive Species Management Area to set up a booth to provide free handouts to boat owners about invasive species.

The purpose of the event, which they called the Boat Landing Aquatic Invasive Species Outreach Event, is to educate boaters about how aquatic invasive species are spread and to encourage them to check their boats for invasive species.

The organization’s request is to set up a grass booth on the east side of the Chestnut Street launch pad on July 1 from approximately 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

The significance of the July 1st event is that it will be part of a massive statewide aquatic invasive planting effort.

The City Council on Monday will also consider City Manager Marcus Peccia’s request to travel out of state to attend the City Council International Association’s annual conference this September in Columbus, Ohio.

ICMA has sponsored the annual conference for over 100 years and, according to council documents, the event is the largest gathering of local government leaders.



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