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But what makes me suffer? How to get out?

Everyone is to blame for their suffering

Without adding a layer of guilt to this, we are responsible for suffering. “We are responsible to suffering in the etymological sense of the word. We must give the answer: “I suffer, but what do I say to it?” “What makes me suffer?” “Where does it come from?” If it’s because of this or that, am I doomed to suffer as long as the cause exists? Then I can suffer endlessly! If the outside world is the trigger, then I can change my mind about what’s going on. … And this is a big discovery.”

In one of his books, Suffer to love Christophe Massin takes a cue from the breakup of a relationship. “It is normal to be in pain, to feel pain, but it is not normal to live for months in an inner hell and not recover from it.”

The issue of education

In his opinion, we are not able to resist suffering. ” No one is trained to overcome it faster. It’s okay to get upset, but since we don’t learn how to feel, what do we do about it? We can wallow in misery for a long time.”

As if there was no way for us to get out of this. Like there’s no getting around it…

By default, we impose suffering on ourselves. If you take a wrong step, physical suffering will suddenly appear. Pain in the body indicates that something is wrong. We must respond to mental suffering because it is a call. You must understand what is happening, and then the answer will be given. Because it’s not worth waiting for something to work out from the outside, it’s too random.”

But, a delicate question, don’t we often suffer more easily because we tell ourselves that what is happening to us comes from outside, and does not face our emotions in person? “This concept of responsibility is the fact of realizing that if I suffer, then, first of all, this is my business, and that I can do something for myself. Often, when we suffer, we get the impression that there is nothing we can do. misfortune falls upon our heads. And as long as we remain in this vision of things, we are in a complaint. If something painful happens, what can we do for ourselves? And how are we going to take care of ourselves?”

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