Busy Philipps Urges Fans to Remember She’s a ‘Real Person’ | Entertainment

Busy Philipps wants the public to remember that she is “a real person.”

The 42-year-old actress insisted that her real life is very different from how the public perceives her.

The Dawson’s Creek star, who has Birdie, 13, and Cricket, eight, with her ex-husband Mark Silverstein, explained: “That’s the truth about me as a person, as an actor, as a mom and wife, ex-wife or something like that A friend, an activist, a screamer… and then what it turned into… These are two different things.

“In a pop culture sense, the idea behind ‘Busy Philipps’ is unabashedly honest and like, ‘Let me tell you what it’s like!’ But I am also a real person. And sometimes it’s hard to keep appearing in the same very truthful and honest persona.”

Despite this, Busy tries to be philosophical about the situation.

The actress, who has over two million followers on Instagram, told The Independent: “At this point, however, what the hell do I have to lose?”

Meanwhile, Busy has previously stressed the value of being open and honest with her fans.

The blonde beauty, who was married to Mark between 2007 and 2021, admitted that such frankness in front of the public changed her life.

She said, “When you truly live and when you speak your truth, only positive things will happen. When I started doing this, everything kind of changed in my life.”

Busy also credits her time in the spotlight with developing a healthy sense of perspective.

She explained, “I’ve just been around for so long, seeing so many people who had big moments that weren’t such big moments so quickly.”


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