Best Travel Products for Frequent Flying Dads

This Father’s Day, show your frequent flyer dad that you are thinking of him as he travels with these perfect gifts. Whether it’s the best carry-on, a family trip you know he’ll appreciate, or a gift that looks like something you think mom would love, there are plenty of ways to show dad your love and appreciation. Here are some popular options that casual travelers will love, whether on the road or when they return home to be with their family.

TUMI McLaren Torque Sling Bag

This racing-inspired bag from TUMI is a limited edition gift created in partnership with racing brand McLaren. The TUMI McLaren Torque Sling Bag is part backpack and part shoulder bag with plenty of room for dad’s work or camping gear on the go. This is a fashionable bag that you can carry with you to work, to the gym or on a hike. Carbon fiber accents give it exceptional durability, while multiple pockets (in addition to the large main pocket) provide ample storage space.

The partnership with McLaren is noticeable through subtle accents using the materials the company uses in its racing cars, giving the bag a masculine and bold look. Like a racing car, this bag is not cheap ($550), but it has the reputation and quality that TUMI bags are known for. What’s more, it can be personalized with initials, making it a great Father’s Day gift.

Individual book of love

Talk about a gift that will make fathers feel special. This personalized book lets you customize all the reasons you love dad in this colorful cartoon style book. They are easy to make in just three steps online. Users start by setting up the characters they want to use in the illustrations. They then answer a few questions about the father before making final edits. LoveBook is a fun and creative way to express your love in the form of a keepsake that parents and kids will love. It’s also a great way to get the kids involved in shopping, and the books can be adapted for other holidays, including birthdays.

xSuit 3.0 Wrinkle-resistant travel suit

As summer approaches, lightweight and stretchy fabrics are key, especially for business travelers or those who have to dress for work on a flight. The xSuit 3.0 combines the xJacket 3.0 (new model coming later this year) with the same pants material, bringing together an ingenious suit designed to be comfortable, breathable, stretchy and wrinkle-free. Frequent travelers will find many uses for a suit or even a blazer, which comes in three…


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