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“Best Chef” and Uber Eats, a marriage that stays on our stomachs – Liberation


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Following the closure of restaurants due to Covid, the M6 ​​program created a test to develop takeaway meals in partnership with a delivery platform. But the alliance, in the first place, became uneasy because of the message it sends to restaurateurs and the public.

In February 2021, in the midst of restaurant closures due to Covid, production The best cook M6’s cutting-edge culinary program has decided to replace the test with a restaurant war (which traditionally involves candidates who must create a restaurant from scratch, from menu to design) with a competition to develop a takeaway restaurant. food delivery. Meals that were subsequently made available on the Uber Eats platform. Initially, it was quite noticeable, not only because it suited the mood of the moment, but also because it foreshadowed something more permanent, a kind of shift towards the time when the food served in restaurants would no longer be eaten, just. , in restaurants, and where more and more gourmet-trained chefs were going to have fun with more street-food-oriented dishes more suitable for delivery than those that require ultra-precise cooking or last-minute sauce additions.

Good part of the bill

Except for what was a clever adaptation to the news, a sort of marriage of convenience (which we thought was temporary) between the show we provide…


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