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Become Elizabetha new series that tells the story of the origin of the English monarch, which will premiere on Sunday on Starz. Alicia von Rittberg stars as Elizabeth I as a teenager, and she and the show’s cast told ABC Audio they were keen to explore a period of history not often portrayed on screen.

“She’s so wise beyond her years that I think it’s just mind blowing,” von Rittberg says of her chance to play Elisabeth Jr.

Tom Cullenwho plays Elizabeth’s scheming stepfather, Thomas Seymour, argues that while there have been other projects about the last Tudor monarch, this one stands out.

“This is a historical period that I had no idea about,” he says. “And for me, I couldn’t believe it because it’s so important to me to understand one of the most iconic characters that ever lived.”

As part of the actors’ deep dive into this mysterious time period, they learned a lot about their characters, including some unexpectedly scandalous facts.

Jamie Blackleywho plays Elizabeth’s close friend Robert Dudley, and Jessica Rainwho plays Elizabeth’s stepmother, Queen Catherine, shared what they found.

“Apparently [Dudley] he had an insatiable sex drive and kept a bottle of lotion by his bed!” Blakely says with a laugh.

Rain says she learned that Katherine “was prone to foul language when she was angry.” “It instantly made me love her even more,” she admits.

Meanwhile Romola Garaywho plays Mary Tudor, found out who her character really is was. “When the scripts were originally sent… I thought it was Mary, Queen of Scots!” she said. “Mary Tudor has been slightly ignored in the history books – unfairly – because I think she was a really interesting woman.”

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