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Bananas for better sleep – Win a barbecue – I like to drink, am I addicted? : discover our gastronomic selection for Walloon Gourmands

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It all started from my birthday. My daughter, a big fan of cooking shows, organized the Top Chef evening. According to the principle, two teams competed in creating an original dish. Each group offered an appetizer and a main course. Then a jury consisting of parents had to present their entries. Subsequently, she wanted to continue this little family game, complicating the rules. And not anyhow.

She suggested that we remake her grandmother’s waffle recipe. Same ingredients, same recipes… just as it should have been. Except the waffles didn’t taste the same. The exercise continued with an attempt to remake other grandmothers’ recipes… Macaroni with ham and cheese, pancakes, bolo, mayonnaise, vinaigrette… But the blind tasting was tasteless: Grandma always had better.

If I tried to blame the waffle iron, the chicken eggs, or just a passing storm, after a while I made a decision. There are traditions that should not be touched: “So much the better if it’s better with my grandmother.”

Because if cooking is about love, it’s also about sharing memories that we’ll never forget, and it’s not a star that will take that away from us.


Secrets of good jam (video)

A project born in Spain that first materialized in Celine’s grandmother’s garage.


Strawberry Rhubarb Apple Madeleine

The traditional Lorraine madeleine, with a recipe dating back to the 18th century, is available in a variety of flavors, such as with summer fruit.


Energy bowl with marinated chicken and eggs

The bowls hold all the sauces: poke, buddha, smoothies… This time put them in a food bowl full of healthy ingredients.

Quiche with cherry tomatoes and zucchini

Delicious light cake with cherry tomatoes and zucchini for a quick snack. Oregano and basil bring flavors from the south.



“OK, this is Wallonia” at WEX Marche en Famin: “High mass of local producers” (video)

Last weekend WEX hosted the 15th edition of C’est bon, c’est wallon, where local products take pride of place. 86 manufacturers were able to demonstrate their know-how.


Banana for better sleep and fight insomnia

This recipe is more effective than sleeping pills for insomnia


I like to drink… But am I addicted?

Some indulge in a “glass of red” every day, sometimes even on the advice of a family doctor, or prepare an aperitif on the way home from work; others look forward to the weekend to stuff their throats at a party.


Agriculture: organics at a crossroads

Organic farming continues to grow, but…


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