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Bad news for those who are going to buy iPhone 14

Will the iPhone 14 be ready on time? This is the MOST question that all high-tech professionals are asking themselves today. The conclusion, which affects China and in particular Shanghai, a city that has been completely closed for more than two months, violates all plans for Apple. According to media reports Nikkei Asia, production of the iPhone 14 is significantly reduced, even as the deadline for its release approaches. The new iPhones are due in September 2022 and will be released in two to five weeks depending on the model. It will be difficult for Nikkei Asia to make up for lost time, while pointing out that the Cupertino-based company and its suppliers have been working “night and day to speed up development.” At the moment, the delay that Apple allowed in the production of its iPhone 14 is far from prohibitive. But the fact that work in China is only resuming on a reduced basis could disrupt the schedule. In fact, in times of high demand, iPhone 14 may not be enough for buyers. Therefore, buyers should wait to purchase their new smartphone. Do they have the patience to do it?


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