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Aya Nakamura: Her 9 Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Essentials

Generation X and Y capital star Aya Nakamura arrived in the landscape like an explosion with its name Jaja which rocked the charts and rocked the summer of 2018 with over 800 million views on YouTube to date. A basic but unclassifiable musical force (have we heard “Afropop”, “Afrobeat”, “RnB” or the dangerous “urban sound”…), the formula Aya Nakamura made a splash in France, as well as abroad, where she is exported today, like few French artists. Gatherer (who didn’t dance on Jaja ?) and at the same time divisive (on social media whose hostility is not sympathetic), and Ifrom his real name Daniokoyet at just 26 years old, he has a real place on the international music scene, with that elusive je-ne-sais-quoi, part of the mystery (guarding his privacy) and massive popularity. In the November issue, she shares some of the things that brighten up her daily life. Service.

Aya Nakamura : “My Saint Laurent glasses, I am very rarely seen in them, but they are necessary for driving or watching a movie.”

“The sound I’m currently listening to on repeat? Damage, time.”

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