As the national gas average approaches $5, Minnesotans are rethinking summer travel – WCCO

MAPLE GROVE, Minnesota. (VKKO) — One trip to the KOA Campgrounds in Maple Grove is all it takes to see how rising gas prices are affecting Minnesota’s summer plans.

Since the statewide average Friday home price is about $4.75, many are choosing to vacation closer to home.

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For Bob and Tiffany Gross, that means their trailer is only a few miles from their home on the Great Lake – a far cry from the cross-country trips they envisioned when they bought it three years ago.

“We’ve been to Duluth in the past, but not this year because it’s far away,” said Tiffany Gross.

“When it’s almost five dollars a gallon multiplied by 35 gallons, it becomes a lot,” said Bob Gross.

Others at the campsite feel the same way—saying their camping trips cost twice as much as they did last year, just for gas.

“I turn 67 this year,” said Mike Hansen, who traveled from Esco. “I planned to slow down, but now, with inflation, I’m going to keep working for a while longer, because who knows what will happen.”

Whereas tourists who traveled from different states are sacrificing other places to offset the price of fuel.

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Rob Wood and his family are from Lees Summit, Missouri. While they say the trip is worth it, they have also cut spending in other areas to save money.

“It hit the budget a bit,” Wood said.

The Gross family says they hope their cross country plans are temporarily put on hold.

It will be in the future because this is very expensive to pull a camper to gramrand AGAINSTanyTiffany Gross said.

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